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Custom web application development services

ATON CORP is a prominent custom web application development company that caters to diverse industries and the vast number of business needs. Tailoring strategies and web apps to meet your unique needs has become a necessity in this digitally driven business era. Not only should your business adapt to the evolving technology needs, but also be scalable and flexible to ride high in the future.

Our custom applications come with high levels of usability, scalability and compatibility, making user experience across the different browsers and devices consistent. Planning, actual development and maintenance are the three main parts of the custom web app development, and our team ensures smooth sail for each part.

With custom web apps, you can cater to unique business needs with an appropriate solution. The custom solutions can be easily integrated to legacy systems or, other heavy applications within your enterprise.

Custom business or CRM solutions will adapt and respond to critical situations as needed by the business. Performance is critical to businesses and it can be nurtured well with a custom application development. The different tools and technologies aid in ensuring quick development & deployment of custom web app solutions. Well-coded applications are maintenance free and highly scalable.

Custom web application development architecture

We have a defined architecture for custom mobile and web app development that makes development easy and fast.

We ensure that the programming logic and actions are isolated from the interface or the layout files such as HTML, CSS so that editing is easy and fast. Our programming builds are based on modules, libraries and tools, such that incorporating functionality into the solution is efficient. Our structure has been defined using best practices & programming standards thus reducing the learning curve.

Our development process step by step.

Some of our best works are featured below.

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A la Aventura

Web portal to booking tour packages around world.
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Digital Marketing Agency.
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Digital Hearing Aids.
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Software Development Company.
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Amadeus MCC,

Musical Services Agency.
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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services.

Why choose us.

A competent team with innovative solutions is what we offer at ATON CORP to ensure the custom web app meets your unique business needs.

With agile development methodology and a deep understanding of your business and domain, we ensure quicker developer and flexible app solutions for your business.

We increase usability of your business with enriched user-experience and intuitive user interface. We offer 100% customer satisfaction with our brilliant apps at affordable costs.

If you want capable solutions for your business, get in touch with us.

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