IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Take Total Control of Your Company Over the Outsourcing of Information Technology Specialists.

15 years of experience in the service of all our clients, delivering to each of them our passion for the mobile applications development, web development and information technology outsourcing.

What is IT outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing, is the execution of processes and activities related to IT of an organization by an external company that has its own structure, resources, decision-making capacity and management.

What competitive advantages we offer for your company?

Costs reduction

By hiring the services of outsourcing of ATON CORP, your company eliminates the costs associated with the hiring of personnel, refresher courses, health insurance, taxes, among others. The savings obtained by eliminating the cost of hiring an IT team is interesting. Often this team does not have all the necessary knowledge to solve problems, so the company makes eventual expenses for hiring experts to solve problems. Thus, when hiring ATON CORP, the company will not have to worry more about the hiring of technicians, the payment of collaborators, the work positions, the solution of problems, the optimization of problems, etc. All this will result in a reduction of costs.

Focus on the main businesses of your company

ATON CORP will manage the team that will develop the solutions for the company (manage, integrate and automate IT processes). This ensures that the company is exclusively dedicated to its core businesses, focusing on the strategy to stay highly competitive.

Risk reduction and efficiency increase

Through the improvement of IT processes, guaranteed by ATON CORP through a competent team capable of providing solutions that meet the needs of the company, it is possible to reduce risks and increase the efficiency of the company. The risks are always present in any organization. Market variations, competitiveness, new government regulations, spending and investments in technologies, all these factors are constantly changing. When hiring, ATON CORP is the one who assumes and manages the risks.

Why choose us.

A competent and trained team with innovative solutions is what we offer at ATON CORP to ensure that the IT processes of your company are a consolidated pillar and focused on satisfying your unique business needs.

What we offer you?

IT analysis and diagnosis.

Strategic IT planning and structuring of Outsourcing model.

Project Management.

Help Desk: basically consists of the general IT consultancy and basic requirements for technical support in your company.

Information Systems Implementation.

IT management, ensure the operational continuity of the computational infrastructure of the customer's computing center and networks.

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