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15 years of experience in the service of all our clients, delivering to each of them our passion for the mobile applications development, web development and information technology outsourcing.

We set goals and objectives for your mobile application

This is a crucial step in the planning phase of your mobile application. Once you have determined the important objectives in your marketing scheme in which the application will be used, then we make a map of how your application will take you there. We rely on simple questions like the following:

What issue or issues will resolved for your customers through the App?

What will be the App features?

What is the main attraction of your App?

In many cases, determining the features and benefits of your application is a balancing act between your overall application development budget and your internal capabilities. However, when it comes to prioritizing functionality, research shows that the design of the application should emphasize the client's commitment to exclusive services.

Starting from the study and learning about the business model under which the app will work, an integral solution is provided to the needs of the company, always looking for the best experience for the end user. We offer a flexible and profitable service, becoming an extension of the technology department of your company.

We are at the forefront of technology

ATON CORP uses forefront technology to develop your mobile application, this technologies allows us to deliver a reliable, flexible, robust, colorful and 100% functional product according to your requirements.

Likewise, it allows us to develop scalable and multi-user applications that allow you to have all your clients connected to your business at all times.

Your Mobile App will allow you to maximize the positioning and reach of your company by making use of new channels, accurately measure digital marketing efforts and reach new markets.

The information capacity that users could create or consult in a mobile application is infinite, however, it is directly related to the analysis of requirements that we define with our clients within our processes. In this analysis, the scope of the analysis is defined and with it the required information transfer rates, storage size in databases and hard disk.

Due to the reason of being of a Mobile Application we can define the following:

They are multiusers: An APP can be used by thousands of people at the same time in different places. Database engines such as SQL Server and SQL Lite have the ability to distribute and organize each transaction of information generated in them due to the traffic of information that users perform in such a way that we could talk about using these engines in the development of it we are ensuring the functionality of the application.

Our development process step by step.

From the idea of the application to the development and publication in the Google Play Store or Apple Store, our team will handle the entire development life cycle of development services in the different platforms for native applications.

Some of our best Apps are featured below.

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Why choose us.

A competent team with innovative solutions is what we offer at ATON CORP to ensure the custom web app meets your unique business needs.

With agile development methodology and a deep understanding of your business and domain, we ensure quicker developer and flexible app solutions for your business.

We increase usability of your business with enriched user-experience and intuitive user interface. We offer 100% customer satisfaction with our brilliant apps at affordable costs.

If you want capable solutions for your business, get in touch with us.

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